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Picapac parcel machine now in Uus-Veerenni

Modern automated parcel machines have arrived in the Uus-Veerenni quarter!

In April, the parcel machine developer Picapac launched a pilot project by installing a community parcel locker in the Uus-Veerenni quarter, right in the heart of Tallinn. The brand-new machine is already waiting for the locals to try it out.

Picapac’s new 8-locker machine is tailored for communities who are already familiar with parcel machines and appreciate the convenience of having packages and online shopping orders delivered as close to home as possible.

These community parcel boxes operate on an open network that can be used by any courier company participating in Picapac’s service. Currently, Omniva and DHL are part of this network, with more companies to join soon. With the Omniva service, residents can not only receive parcels from the new machine – they can also use it to send and return parcels at the parcel machine service rates. On the Picapac model, the community box is available for rent on an ongoing basis, where the customer pays Picapac a monthly fee for using the machine.

City centre residents can use the new parcel machine by registering on the Picapac website. The service costs only one euro per month.

The community parcel locker is installed at Pille Street 12 in the Kesklinn district.

In addition to the box in the centre of Tallinn, community parcel lockers have also been installed in the Harku, Saue and Viimsi municipalities and the Pirita district in Tallinn.

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