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Topping out party held in Uus-Veerenni kindergarten

Merko is building a state-of-the-art kindergarten in the Uus-Veerenni residential quarter, which will be completed in the summer of 2023. The Kalli-kalli Uus-Veerenni kindergarten located at Tiiu 8 will open its doors this coming September.

“The Uus-Veerenni quarter is developing rapidly and, once completed, will be home to about as many people as there are residents in Rapla. A kindergarten close to home offers an important extra comfort for families with children,” said Alar Toomik, development manager of the Uus-Veerenni quarter. “It is very important for home buyers that the living environment surrounding the buildings is comprehensively thought out and takes into account the needs of everyday life. We are developing Uus-Veerenni in such a way that, in addition to high-quality homes, our customers can also enjoy a comfortable urban space and essential services close to their homes,” added Toomik.

The topping out wreath marking the building reaching its full height was brought down from the kindergarten building, in which the Uus-Veerenni branch of the established Kalli-kalli kindergarten group will open its doors in September. The state-of-the-art kindergarten building is designed for approximately 150 children – four creche groups for the youngest children in the family and six kindergarten groups will be opened; there is a separate outdoor area for outdoor activities. In addition to the Estonian-language groups, an English-language group, English-Estonian and French-Estonian language immersion groups, and a Montessori group are planned.

“Kalli-kalli Uus-Veerenni will be the community centre of the living quarter where, in addition to the kindergarten, we will offer many different services for families – a diverse selection of hobbies for both children and adults, the possibility of holding children’s birthdays, a summer kindergarten service and city camps,” said Signe Suurväli, director of Kalli-kalli, in outlining the concept of the new kindergarten.

The new two-storey building and the adjoining outdoor area border a park built by Merko. The keenly-awaited preschool has been primarily developed for the convenience of the residents of the Uus-Veerenni quarter, but if there are free places, it will also offer opportunities for other families and children from the neighbouring areas.

Uus-Veerenni is the largest comprehensive housing development area in the centre of Tallinn, located between Veerenni, Vana-Lõuna and Tehnika streets. The quarter, which is being built in stages and has a total area of about 12 hectares, will have nearly 50 residential buildings. To date, residents have moved into more than 26 buildings and 12 buildings are under construction. Recently, a public park of 8,500 square metres was opened in the Uus-Veerenni quarter with playground equipment, sculptures enlivening the urban space, a rest area and a reading corner. In addition to the kindergarten that will be completed this summer, future plans also include the construction of a commercial building.

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