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Three new scholarship recipients at Merko

We have been supporting young researchers and students at the Tallinn University of Technology since 2007. This year, the scholarships went to Helena Kuivjõgi, Mihkel Hõlpus and Rauno Lemberg.

Merko’s young researcher/teacher scholarship for 2023 goes to a doctoral student in civil engineering and architecture at TalTech, Helena Kuivjõgi, who is also a member of the nearly zero-energy buildings research group. Alongside her research for raising awareness in the construction sector, she teaches at the university level and promotes engineering studies by mentoring upper secondary school students. Helena is committed to being a teacher in the best sense of the word, supporting advances in society as a person of science. She contributes actively to curriculum development by adopting new learning methods in the Building Energy Simulation course and helps out in an advisory and practical role at the youth council of the Estonian Society of Heating and Ventilation Engineers.

This time, we recognized two building management and building design students at TalTech who work at Merko and whom their teams see as having a promising future.

Mihkel Hõlpus is a fifth-year student who is currently working at the Merko Allveelaev 4 apartment building site. He is an eager learner, hard-working, motivated and conscientious who dreamed of being a builder back when he was much younger. Dogged in pursuing his goals and independent, he is also not averse to asking questions and is prepared to engage in discussions to find the best solution. His ideas are inventive and innovative. He is meticulous in performing calculations, accurate in drafting and drawing up schedules, clever in solving problem and a good, positively minded communicator. Outside of school and work, Mihkel can be found running, cycling, downhill skiing or if friends talk him into it, Ironman team events.

Rauno Lemberg is a third-year student. After completion of the Pelgulinna State Gymnasium project, he started working for the structural engineering department. Rauno is conscientious and a sharp specialist who goes in-depth in topics, sees the crux of problems and finds solutions. Working on the construction site, his great interest in the work on the site and his deep desire to learn both stood out. Rauno’s strengths also include good communication skills and strong engineering knowledge. Besides school and work, he has also contributed to developing student life via BEST-Estonia. An example was the 2023 Enginaator competition where he was responsible for all aspects of the construction task from concept and organization to handing out the awards.

The Merko-titled engineering scholarship awarded in cooperation with TalTech Development Fund is meant for third-, fourth- and fifth-year students at TalTech. To be eligible for the young researcher and teacher scholarships, candidates must be 40 or under and be engaged in research or teaching at TalTech.