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Third phase of the Erminurme development launched

Along with the three buildings being erected on the boundary of Tartu municipality and city, the next trio of buildings – the third phase – is now going ahead.

The homes in Erminurme ( are located near a museum considered to be Europe’s biggest  and most modern, the Estonian National Museum and the adjacent Raadi manor complex. The third phase will see three apartment buildings with 60 apartments completed by June 2022 at Erminurme tee 4, Erminurme tee 6 and Erminurme tee 8. The sizes of the two- to four-room apartments in the energy class A buildings range from 47 to 97 square metres.

The total size of the Erminurme development will be 12 new two- to three-storey buildings with 224 apartments. The buildings will be completed one stage at a time, in the next five years according to current plans. The first apartment building at Erminurme will be completed in August 2021 at Erminurme tee 10, with 18 units in a three-storey building. In the second phase, apartment buildings will be built at Erminurme tee 12 and Erminurme tee 16, expected to be completed by the end of 2021, with 37 apartments.

With a ring-shaped floor plan, Erminurme has a warm ambience and is well adapted to its environment, making it easy to enjoy local cultural events and the values of the surrounding natural environment, as well as being well connected to the centre of Tartu. The design of the residential quarter is by OÜ Põldme Arhitektuur.

We will build the development project as an integral whole. Landscaped interior yard areas complete with recreational and play areas, the necessary access routes and parking spaces will be built around the buildings, which are well-adapted to their environment and harmonious in terms of architectural design. Besides the new apartment buildings, we will also develop a public park that be handed over to the Tartu Municipality Government.

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