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Merko maintains status as Estonian real estate developer with highest name recognition and reputation

Merko has again been declared the country’s best-known and most reputable real estate developer, which has been the case in all five years the Kantar Emor market research firm has conducted the study – 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.

The latest Kantar Emor real estate survey shows that among prospective home buyers as well as people with a recent experience buying a home, Merko continues to be Estonia’s best-known developer. Merko was trailed by Endover, Liven, Bonava, YIT Eesti and Arco Vara. Survey participants also chose Merko as the developer with the best reputation. Merko was followed in that ranking by Liven, Invego, Kaamos and Hepsor.

“People who plan to buy a home in a new development or have done so recently are attuned to the differences between developers and attribute different qualities on each brand. Merko for example is considered trustworthy, high-quality and professional, with developments in good locations. Liven on the other hand is seen as a trend-setter, distinct in style, representing modern design and conspicuously good marketing,” commented Anastassia Lesment of Kantar Emor.

The study also mapped apartment buyers’ preferences. Real estate price, low utilities and room plan play the biggest role in home buyers’ decisions. These criteria are followed by the availability of parking spaces, the amount of light in the apartment and the existence of a balcony or deck.

Kantar Emor’s survey included 25 developer brands. The study mapped the needs of residents planning to buy real estate in new developments in Tallinn or the vicinity of the city as well as those who have recently done so. It sampled developers’ name recognition and reputation among both groups of people – totalling 430 respondents. The online survey was conducted in October.

Merko would like to take this opportunity to thank recent and future home buyers for your recognition and trust! And thanks to all Merko employees whose dedication and work have earned us this recognition!