Location and architecture

The apartment building is being developed in the Kristiine district of Tallinn, which is like a garden in the heart of the city. The immediate neighbourhood called Lilleküla (Flower Village) is zoned for low-rise apartment buildings and detached homes. One of Tallinn’s main avenues, Sõpruse puiestee, passes through the idyllic environment. The frontage line of 4-5-storey commercial-residential buildings sets the tone along the boulevard. The architectural design of the new apartment building harmonizes with the surrounding urban fabric and considers the wishes and needs of the residents.

Velle Kadalipp 2Architect Velle Kadalipp:
In designing the building, I was guided by the principle that it should form an integral ensemble with the existing parts – that the size of the building should progressively diminish in the direction of the courtyard and the roof decks should help the apartment building to meld in with the lower-rise buildings of the garden town. The colour spectrum of the facade was inspired by colours found in nature, the commercial ground floor stands out with its dark grey, while the side facing the interior courtyard is cheerfully dark-orange, which goes well with the colour of the brick surfaces of the neighbouring building. All apartments have a balcony or loggia and storage rooms; the parking is in a garage located under the building. In collaboration with the landscape builder Marge Kõrgekuhi, we designed a rest area with corners for sitting and a playground on the southern side of the property. An illuminated footpath, lined with bushes and groups of trees, meanders on several levels through the entire park area. In choosing the plants, we aimed for compatibility with the landscape vegetation found in the garden town that surrounds the apartment building.